Storage Area Networks: Essential for Business

Are you thinking about starting a business or do you currently own or work within a thriving business now? It may be time to bring some innovation to your business and create positive solutions for growing business needs. Storage area networks are no longer a luxury for big corporations. These networks are now affordable and necessary for any successful business to continue to grow while putting resources in place that will make the workplace more efficient. Storage area networks can increase your business capacity and work productivity, while creating solid protection for your business security needs.

How Do Storage Area Networks Operate?

Storage area networks are unique to other storage devices in that they function by providing users access to stored data over a secured network. Similar to how a wireless network allows users to share the same internet connection to access the web, storage area networks allow users to share data.

In addition to providing a main network server for users to share data, storage area networks also serve as a backup system for business data in the event a business computer become corrupt or suffers hardware failure. No longer do businesses have to fret over important and irreplaceable lost data.

What Can Storage Area Networks Do for My Business?

Storage area networks can take your business to the next level of productivity. First, most e-mail servers have size restrictions on the amount of data that can be transferred at one time to another user. A storage area network will allow for a user to upload data to a central area network where it can be retrieved by another user. Second, storage area networks can be tailored to your business needs. Files can be encrypted or password protected so that only selected users can access certain files. This allows for in-office privacy among different tier employees.

These storage area networks also provide businesses with the ability to quickly transfer and share data. Instead of placing data on an external hard drive or being restricted to leaving data on one computer, storage area networks allow the entire company to tap into a main network where they can retrieve the information they need. As your company grows, this will become increasingly important and resourceful. Meetings can be conducted smoothly as all users are able to tap into the same live information feed at the same time.

Storage area networks can also facilitate better usage of group projects and proposals. Employees won’t have to waste time or energy passing around data from one user to the next. Storage area networks can allow all users to access the same information at the same time from their own workspace. Work on a project can occur simultaneously and be instantly relayed to other users present.

Sounds Good, but is it Expensive?

Storage area networks are an important cost that all businesses should factor into their budgets. These networks provide security for important documents, reliable back-up services, and the ability to facilitate workplace productivity, and handle the growth of data occurring within the business. Today, businesses who fail to take on this type of technology are becoming less viable in the workplace as their productivity and efficiency will sink under their own business growth.

Storage area networks can be tailored for your business needs. This means that you can opt to pay for only the amount of storage you actually need. At any time you can add more storage space later as your business continues to grow and your needs increase. Prices for storage area networks range from approximately $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the provider. Don’t let your business go another day without providing your company with a storage area network.