Computer Storage Solutions

Anyone who stores information, including pictures or music, on their computer should invest in computer storage products for the security of knowing that if something goes wrong, you will have a back-up. Computer storage is essentially memory that holds data. Data is anything like files, photos, movies, games, account information, and music. All of this information, which most of us have an abundance of stored on our computers, is considered data and is located in your computer storage, which is your hard drive.

Many of us have that friend or family member that experienced that terrible moment when something goes wrong with their computer and suddenly their hard drive is wiped clean. Maybe even you have had this happen to you! It’s a terrible experience to go through, and if it happens when you don’t have your information backed up, it can be even worse.

While you may not be able to put a price on the photos or personal information you lost to a computer crash, or even theft, there is a lot of money lost when you lose all of your music or movies.

Before you get caught off guard by the highly probable chance that one day your computer could crash or be stolen, make sure you’ve invested in computer storage to back up your files.

Consider a Few Different Back-Ups

There are two main ways to go about backing up your computer. One is through an external hard drive and the other is through an online data storage system. Both are efficient methods of computer storage and can cost you roughly the same amount. Either way you look at the situation, you will want to take the perspective that you are making a smart and cautionary investment in your data’s future by safe-guarding yourself from being stuck in a really bad spot down the road.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is often the most popular choice for people when they consider backing up their files. There are a few reasons to explain its popularity. First, there is the convenience of having backed up files nearby, as in the other room or on the desk next to you. Many people feel more secure about having their information stored this way.

Next, some people think it is financially smarter to buy an external drive instead of paying for online storage. The average storage device can cost around $100, but this will depend on a few factors. First, if you have a few computers you want to back-up then you will want to spend more to buy an external drive with more memory. The kind of add-on’s you buy with your external drive can all affect the price. Some people choose to add high tech security features, such as a key pad, to make their external drive safer.

Online Storage

The other computer storage option is to sign up with a company that offers online storage. This method can be easier for people because it will usually include a user friendly tutorial to help aid you in the upload process. People also enjoy that online storage can be programmed to automatically back-up new data ever few days or weeks. Online storage can cost around $50 a year.

The bottom line for both types of computer storage is you should probably consider purchasing both. If the perspective is you are safe guarding your computer data, then you may want to make sure all of your bases are covered. If something were to happen to the online files, say the server crashed, or something were to happen to the external drive, say a theft, then having an alternate back up could save you a huge headache in the future.